About Us

Addmax International Info services Pvt. Ltd. is an online promotion company that truly puts you in the front line ahead of your competitors. In this new era of digital world, online promotion is the surest way to get publically known & accepted. We do it for you. At the same time we value your efforts and provide you schemes & plans for your growth & high earnings! Addmax is unmatched in this space. Addmax online publicity gets your business reaching new heights. Also get paid handsomely for participating in our promotional activities even from the comforts of your home.

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How we are different

We make real people visit your website and thus realizing true value of your confidence in associating with us.

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Pathbreaking Approach

Our platform enables each user to become a promising enterpreneur in his own right. Everyone who associates with ADDMAX starts growing immediately. We firmly believe that hard work knows no bounds hence should be rewarded handsomely. Start a new business easily by just joining ADDMAX. Leave the challenges for us and we pave the way for your success and prosperity.